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hello again
YuJin Ko  2010-12-22 17:36:42, 조회 : 701, Vote : 300

Hello again,

I hope you remember me from the last email regarding the Korean War veterans. I hope this email finds you and your loved ones well and healthy! I have been very busy, mainly with my school work as a junior in high school.

I am emailing you today regarding North Korea’s attack on one of South Korea’s residential islands, Yeonpyeong Island on Nov. 23. As you might already heard through the media, North Korea fired dozens of artillery rounds onto the populated South Korean island, killing two marines and injuring 19 others. Two civilians were also killed from the attack.

South Korean plans artillery drills on the Yellow Sea Island and is appealing to neighboring countries such as Japan and China for support.

Now, the Korea chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington says that North Korea might launch another provocation.

As you can imagine, all South Korean civilians are flabbergasted and shocked that we were attacked by North Korea for the first time since the Korean War. The atmosphere in my town and school is quite sober and we are worried. We trust that our government and allied nations will do their best to insure our safety; however, we also are concerned that there might soon be yet another war on this land.

I thought about you as a Korean War veteran and decided to ask from you a huge favor for our country, the country that you were willing to possibly sacrifice your own life by fighting in the Korean War to preserve our freedom and peace!

Though I have my own website www.unpeacezone.com, I would like to implore you to visit one of governmental institutions that I have listed below and write an email to show your support for our country. It would be wonderful if you could encourage other veterans from your regimen to do likewise.

Please I entreat you to help our country one more time through your email so we might keep the precious peace that you fought for 50 years ago!

Of course, you are always welcome to visit my website www.unpeacezone.com and leave your message, too.

Thank you very much for reading my email and I will be eternally grateful if you send your support by email to one of the institutions listed below. I want my country to remain democratic and free from war forever!

Yujin Ko

The Korean presidential residence            


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Ministry of National Defense  


Chosun Newspaper      


Joongang Newspaper              


Dong-A Newspaper                    


KBS   TV  


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