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Hello Yujin Ko
Paul Rochon  2010-06-13 15:55:39, 조회 : 1,303, Vote : 652

Hello Yujin Ko,

Thank you for your kind email I was exactly your age when I first arrived in Korea, since then I have had the pleasure of returning to Korea on a few occasions and with my personal experience during the Korean War, I was always so impressed with the tremendous change the the Korean People had made of a land destroyed by war.

I will be revisiting South Korea with my son this year from November the 13 to November 18. Most probably I will be at the United Memorial Cemetery on November 14 or 15.

After my military service I served many years working for the United Nations under different Secretary General in many of the unprivileged Countries. It was very rewarding.

I wish you the best of luck in your campaign to designate the United Memorial Cemetery in Busan as a special United Peace District.


Paul Rochon
Vice President KVA Canada
Revisit Coordinator

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