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merry chrismas & happy new year
YuJin Ko  2010-12-22 17:38:58, 조회 : 690, Vote : 312


It is hard to believe that there are only two weeks left in this year.

This year has been particularly meaningful to me because I did something for my country as a high school student, participating in the campaign for the world's first ‘Busan Special Peace and Culture Zone for the United Nations' which commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Korean War.

In a group with my school friends, I led a cross country march and field trip to promote the United Nations Peace Zone. We also began writing thank you letters to the veterans who fought in this country for our peace.  

I also designed my own webpage, www. unpeacezone.com, in the hope of making more people to become aware of and appreciate the sacrifices that the Korean War veterans’ made 60 years ago.

Last November, Korea successfully hosted the prestigious G20 Summit. We Koreans felt so proud and deeply moved including myself that the our country has transformed completely from the heap of ruins that remained after Korean War into a country with major economic power in 2010.    

However, that festive mood was devastated by North Korea’s attack on one of South Korea’s residential islands, Yeonpyeong Island, on Nov. 23. As I mentioned in the last email, we are still trying to cope with this situation. However, all Koreans continue to appreciate the precious freedom that was protected by the veterans’ efforts and sacrifices during the Korean War. We are awake and remain determined to protect our country as a peaceful place for ever.

Thank you again for your help in keeping this country’s freedom and peace. We Koreans will never ever forget your honorable spirit!

I wish you and your loved ones Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

Yujin Ko

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