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YuJin Ko  (Homepage) 2011-07-21 19:51:22, 조회 : 664, Vote : 313

I hope that this email finds all of you having a wonderful beginning of the New Year.

Last year, I started a campaign with my school friends to promote the world's first ‘Busan Special Peace and Culture Zone for the United Nations' which commemorates the 60th

anniversary of the Korean War. With a group of my school friends, we were able to publicize the United Nations Peace Zone to many Koreans through a cross country march and field trip. We also began writing thank you letters to the veterans who fought in this country for our peace. I also designed my own webpage, www. UNpeacezone.com, in the hope of making more people to become aware of and appreciate the sacrifices that the Korean War veterans’ made 60 years ago.

This year, in order to continue the effort to publicize the United Nations Peace Zone, I have decided to collect stories from the Korean veterans, not only their war stories but also their personal stories after the conclusion of the war. I believe that this will be a significant contribution to the United Nations Peace Zone and that these stories might be remembered within the spirit of the Special Zone. These stories can create a legacy and can be read by people when they visit the center.

Therefore, I would like to ask you a huge favor; could you please help me by writing and sending your precious stories (attached photos will be greatly appreciated) to my email address so I can collect your priceless memories so they can be preserved and passed along to the many visitors at the United Nations Peace Zone in Busan, Korea?

You may write your stories as if you were relating them to your grandchildren. It will be very meaningful for anyone who might read your stories60 years after that horrible war on the soil of this country.

Thank you very much for reading my email and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Yujin Ko

A senior in high school who wants to make a small difference in the world

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